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AL-SHABAAB planning an attack during world cup

It is bad news for football lovers in Kenya who are planning on watching the 2014 Brazil World Cup in social joints after the US Embassy in Nairobi issued a red terror alert during the period warning that Al-Shabaab terrorists may take advantage to attack.

In a Press Statement, the US Embassy warned that Al-Shabaab plans to attack people watching World Cup in clubs, hotels and other social gatherings like they did in Uganda, where they bombed a pub that was fully packed with Ugandans and Ethiopians watching football.

A similar incident also happened recently in Nigeria where terror group Boko Haram killed Nigerians while watching football.

The Embassy cautioned American citizens to avoid crowded places because the threat level has risen to red and an attack is imminent.

And for Kenyans who plan on watching World Cup in clubs and hotels, you may want to think twice because the Al-Shabaab are not joking.

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