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Woman gets stuck on tree while trying to rescue her cat

A woman found herself in a strange situation after trying to save a cat from a tree. 

The woman of Pennsylvania, climbed about 40 feet to reach the trapped cat.

She had to be rescued by firefighters after she became stranded along with the cat. 21-year-old Tara Dennis, heard the cries of the cat that was stuck on the tree.

She climbed a fence and a garage roof in order to reach the tree where the cat was stuck.

Dennis was able to get to the cat, but was not so lucky when it came to bringing the cat down from the tree. Dennis had a hard time climbing down with the cat in her hands.

She was stuck together with the cat up there on the tree. Dennis had to be rescued by a team of firefighters, who responded to a 911 call from a neighbor.

Erie Fire Chief Tony Pol, said that “a ladder truck and rescue company responded. They used a 28-foot ladder to get her and the cat.”

The fire chief said that the lesson learned from the woman’s scare is that it is better to wait for the stranded animals to save themselves.

“Cats usually come down by themselves,” Pol said. “Cats usually find their way down so we do not like people taking unnecessary risks of harming or injuring themselves,” he said.

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