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Obinna Spotted Posing in a Lady’s Dress. Is he Just Trying to be Funny or Losing it as Well?

These celebrities sometimes cannot just stop amazing me; I just cannot understand what got into him to wear a lady’s cloth and started posing for photograph shoot.

When I look at Obinna’s photo posing on a lady’s dress I cannot hold my laughter back; he looks just beyond funny, it is something else. Well he did not just do it for sheer fun; Obinna had a good reason to dress like a lady. According to Obinna, he did dress like a girl to pass a message to Nairobi women and explain their life in seven different poses.

“When they come in they are so reserved and chilled and when morning comes they don’t even know where they dropped their manners” Obinna explained. Well just check out the photo I cannot find any more word to add to this:

Source: Ghafla

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