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Shameful as another lady is Stripped in Kitengela

It was indeed a shameful day for this lady as she was attacked by several men, young and old, who pounced on her around a popular bus-stop and rípped her dress open for daring to come out from her house with a very “tempting míni skírt”.

What started like “expensive joke” soon turned serious as she was completely strípped náked…
But for the timely arrival of a man, said to be a local politician, the mob would have molésted her all because of her indecent dressing. The politician rescued her, took her into a tailor’s workshop where she was given a wrapper and later smuggled away on a motor cycle.

The incident which happened in Kitengela town has further sent a clear signal to ladies in the area that the warning to them to always be moderate in their dréssing is still serious.

“It was better for her to go náked because her intentions were clear,” said one of those who strípped her

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