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EXPOSED: Details of Wahu's Love Affair with Chris Kirubi Emerge

Read this article by popular blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi, revealing how Wahu trapped Nameless and destroyed his relationship with Eve De Souza.

Nyakundi also claims that Wahu had an affair with city billionaire, Chris Kirubi, although she once denied this during a media interview.

check this out;

A recent spat between Octopizzo and Kapuka artist Nameless opened fresh wounds on the musician at the centre of all of this. Wahu who has been a recording artist for over 16 years now is yet to release a single album. Let that sink in before we proceed.

The question to ask is, just who is this Wahu Kagwi? Many know her as the woman who “trapped” Nameless who at the time was said to be head over heels in love with Capital FM radio DJ Eve De Souza, in-order to remain relevant in media and social circles in full knowledge that her talent was questionable.

A smart move at the time considering the onslaught on the institution of marriage by media elements like Caroline Mutoko which left musicians like Sheila Mwanyigah aka Nikki still chasing white old men uptil today, despite her approaching 45 years. In search of the elusive dollar, Mwanyigah dated rapper Prezzo at the height of her career, something that says more about her than him as she is ten years older than him.

But how did Wahu get lost in music? Why didn’t her hits gain traction? Why were her concerts empty?

The answer is simple; male-bashing.

Kicking off her disastrous music career was the song “Sitishiki” targeting some rich unknown man, who might have been using his position in society to pursue her. During that transitional era between Moi and Kibaki, there were very few moneyed people in Nairobi, so observers were quick to link businessman Chris Kirubi, an allegation she later denied.

Then came another song “Kibaowao” also targeting men that were not doing so well financially one that performed terribly on the charts. Her only redemption was “Sweet Love” dedicated to her daughter, meaning that throughout her career, Wahu has only released 3 songs.

But what was this obsession with male-bashing? There was the Caroline Mutoko-era where it became fashionable to date well-to-do married men and to look at single men from the lenses of success as defined by material parameters, the gospel according to Caroline Mutoko.

The Jubilee regime that has created policies which only retain wealth to the selected-few, is slowly taking us back to the Moi-era where only a few men had money, and thus young women would only glorify and pursue them. Njoki Chege has emerged as Caroline Mutoko’s understudy with her consistent taunts at the upcoming middle-tier men, shaming any effort and encouraging women her age to be pseudo-sluts chasing married men and be associated with success. It’s an all too familiar cycle.

Wahu Kagwi got lost in the Caroline Mutoko-era, not bothering to research on the history of international artistes that went down due to male-bashing. Artists like Blue Cantrell whose song “Hit em up” advocated for women to overreact on any small instance was her first and last hit. Singer Kelis who broke up with hiphop legend Nas is struggling to make ends meet. Male-bashing comes with huge consequences.

But singers like Adele, Beyonce who sing of the wondrous union between man and woman will never lose market value of popularity. You cannot become a diva is you make it your core-business to bash males at any given opportunity.

Last week Wahu was petitioned by social-media users to declare her stand on the thorny Eurobond debate of which she is yet to. But alas, Wahu together with her mentors Caroline Mutoko and Julie Gichuru has played an integral role in the Kenyans for Kenya project, where over 1 Billion was raised. So why is it so hard for her to make a stand on matters of national interest? Once again, the male-bashing gene is ingrained in her DNA. She only participated in Kenyans for Kenya because she loves associating with the few men preaching prosperity in Kenya. The Bob Collymores et’al. She has never been with the people, for the people.

And this is the reason why she had a music career that never was. It’s the reason her street-credibility waned and why it’s easy for new artists to bash her, because she had no impact on society.

May this article inspire young women out there to be less of Wahu. May we all participate in changing the mindset of Kenya, that has been tarnished and compromised by media figures like Caroline Mutoko. May we elevate each other, not just endorsing projects just to be associated with Bob Collymore. 

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