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Churchill is Completely Heartless, see the Money he pays comedians as he pockets millions

Kenya's top comedian Daniel Ndambuki, who is popularly known as Churchill, has been put on the spot for misusing novice comedians who appear on the weekly Churchill Show to enrich himself.
According to snoops, there’s a mass exit of some comedians from the show because they are being paid peanuts and treated like dogs when cameras go off.

Popular comedian, YY, decided to leave the show complaining of  poor  pay. It is alleged that Churchill pays the comedians Ksh 1,000 during the recording and takes the rest of money.
According to reports, NTV pays churchill over Ksh 1.5 million per week for the show but he pays the comedians peanuts and pockets the rest of the money.

Majority of those up-coming comedians you see in Churchill Show are struggling with life in low-end estates due to poor pay.

They have not signed any contract with Churchill and that’s why he treats them like dogs.
Some are even kicked out of their houses after failing to pay rent.

Former Churchill Show comedian, Ayeiya, has already gone mad due to frustrations.
Churchill neglected him when he became sick and he is now living in abject poverty in one of the city’s slums.

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