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Here is what Vera Has Done that has left many Talking, is she Serious??

Kenya's most famous socialite Vera Sidika, who dropped out of university to venture into high end pr@st!tut!on, has gone back to Kenyatta University to complete her degree.

Before dropping out of campus to venture into this new lucrative business of selling flesh to wealthy men, she was pursuing a Degree in Interior Design.

Vera revealed that she has gone back to school through social media and further said that even with all the money, education is still important.

“Education is very important, she posted,

Only had 2 semesters left to clear before I got into showbiz & it hasn't been easy. school, work, travel but been trying so hard to finish & get my degree.

You may have the Fame and the Money...but An investment in knowledge always pays the best interests.” She posted accompanied by the photo below.

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