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JB Leaves Tina Kaggia for another Hottie

JB Leaves Tina Kaggia
Radio host Tina Kaggia and comedian JB Masanduku have been causing shockwaves ever since they started presenting OneFM's drive together. Within months of teaming up, the two got married, and soon after that, reports emerged that JB was being battered by Tina. Now we have learnt that JB has up and left Tina for a member of a prominent political family named Ngina.

This separation comes as Tina is 40 weeks pregnant with JB's baby. This means that this turn of events comes when she is due as early as even this week. When we reached out to her for comment, Tina said, "Leave my family alone!" and hung up. Tina, an avid smoker, also has another child from another relationship.

JB had this to say about the whole matter, "Tina is violent and selfish. The wedding was forced by her. Even if you look at our wedding photos, you'll not see any member of my family attending."
Ngina refused to comment on the matter. However, JB has moved in with her. Here's the strange part though: he moved in with Ngina along with his friend and business partner, Wati Bryan, pictured below

According to close friends of Tina, she is currently looking at legal options, with a divorce being the ultimate outcome sought.

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