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JB refutes claims about his infidelity and is now ready to be a dad

JB Masanduku
Just two week after some local entertainment blogs claimed that JB Masanduku and his wife Tina had separated, and the actor being said to have hooked up with a politician’s daughter, he has come out strongly to deny such claims. 

“That’s nonsense,” he said about it, which apparently quoted him describing his wife as “mean and selfish”. 

When asked what measures they were planning to take, JB said that they had decided to ‘ignore’ the story and issue no response. Ironically, during  the time the story was being written the couple was at a check-up clinic since Tina is expectin anytime now. 

According to JB, the couple is expecting a baby boy, the due date is somewhere this week. Tina has been on bed rest for the better part of the week and the couple hopes to have their child at the Princess Zahra Pavilion, Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi.

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