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RIP Ken Otiende, The KDF Soldier who sent his wife a touching sms before meeting his death

R.I.P. Aken Otiende aka Baba Derrick, Hand Salute! The KDF War hero died in action in El adde – Somalia. His death was confirmed through a DNA test.

His last text message to his wife Maurine Min Derrick on 14th Jan at 1am on that fateful night was “Beb Alshabab wanatumaliza, tunaisha darling”

That was the last communication between Maurine and the husband. 

Kennah was an old boy of Homa Bay High School. RED stream 2001-2004. EUROPA house.
Otiende Aken and his colleagues died fighting for this country and making us all proud.

R.I.P to all those brave soldiers who have fallen in Somalia. I support and acknowledge all our soldiers who have sacrificed their own time, energy and in some cases, their lives, out in Somalia.
They deserve the utmost respect, respect which at the moment they do not receive enough of.

Past, present, future, we will remember them. Each and every soldier who has shown endless bravery and selflessness in the war against terror by putting themselves out on the line, risking their lives for the good of their nation.

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